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This page contain information on different services and reports we offer. Please look through for extra and in depth information. Many answers may be contained within this page. 

​Examples of Images / Mapping

QEEG/Brainmapping consists of placing a cap on your head, applying gel within the cap onto your head, placing sensors on your ears, and the signals directly going into an EEG machine to be recorded for further editing and exploration. This is a non-invasive, simple, and painless procedure that can give a great deal of information how your brain functions. The gel easily cleans out of your hair after the procedure.
The results come in the form of a written summary along with visuals, recommendations, and treatment options.
We utilize several databases and software options including Neuroguide and New Mind Maps. This combination makes it very easy for our clients to understand and follow the results.


Neurofeedback is non-invasive, safe, and research has shown in highly effective. The American Academy of Pediatrics has approved it as a major frontline treatment to improve attention, focus, and other symptoms associated with ADD/ADHD. NOTE: IGE does not offer diagnoses and only works with symptomologies. Reports completed by IGE may utilized by qualified clinicians for more informative decisions. 
Neurofeedback trains or retrains the brain by using video games and can improve brain function. Games utilized are basic.